Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx on Wednesday announced the changes to the calculation of commissions for bidders on the spot market. The new rates come into force on 29 March at 07:00 GMT.

As before, OKEx will use a tiered system where the size of commissions charged depends on the trading volume of the trader during the past 30 days, as measured in bitcoins.

Current conditions

New conditions

The changes will primarily affect large traders – requirements for trading volume for a number of levels will be increased by 10 times. However, the fee for makers will be reduced by a smaller amount.

Another change was the emergence of the ability to pay a fee for margin trading loyalty rewards points. Now users earn loyalty points that can be viewed in the tab “Spot Account — Loyalty Points” applied to the spot and margin trading.

At the end of last week OKEx announced plans to launch a decentralized exchange on a private blockchain.

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