The authors of opublikovannaya in the Wall Street Journal study said they found “ogruntovannye trading” to manipulate the price of cryptocurrencies such as Telegram. The experts examined 175 121 schemes, with cryptocurrency, and I believe that, using the scheme of pumping and dumping for a variety of cryptocurrencies, such groups make huge profits. So, for the first half of 2018, they earned $825 million

Naprimeo according to the authors of the WSJ, the Big Pump Signal recently spent several pumping Aldona Cloakcoin: in early July, having posted in the Telegram of advice to buy this cryptocurrency price it on a crypto currency exchange Binance literally took off.

While in the WSJ believe that the real number of such groups in private chat rooms to which access can be obtained only at the invitation of the anonymous moderators, a lot more discovered, and the loss of captainvalor of their activities hundreds of millions of dollars.

We will remind that in June the head of cryptoprocta Skycoin admitted to trading manipulation of the token of the company in the Telegram. Earlier, a group of capturadora suggested that the price of bitcoin in 2017 began a decline from a historic high of $20 thousand due to manipulation of the market by institutional investors. And in July, representatives kripalani exchange Kraken to respond to four researchers Bloomberg suspicions concerning manipulations of the crypto currency exchange with tokens USDT using special software, said that such criticism speaks to the media lack of understanding of the basic concepts of the market and devoid of logic.