American company Duo Security published conducted from may to July of this year, a study of 88 million Twitter accounts with a description of the methodology for large-scale networks of Twitter bots. The algorithms used allowed the authors to conclude that the service of micro-blogging has an extensive network, with at least 15 thousand cryptocurrency Scam-bots, including fake accounts of celebrities, crypturi, media, verified account, etc.

The contents and description of the profiles were analyzed on 20 characteristics that gave the opportunity to identify a member of a botnet bots who post messages, the “hub”bot, which actively followed other bots, and bots which downloads certain messages by adding them to your favorites.

After the publication of the study Duo Security, a representative of Twitter said that the company is aware of such attempts of manipulation and fight with them, and, according to the estimates of the spam practices less than 5% of service users.

Recall that one of the most popular schemes for defrauding funds from captainvalor on Twitter is holding a “prank”.

For example, in April, following technical problems with the operation of the messenger Telegram scammers on behalf of its founder Pavel Durov thanked Twitter users for their support and invited them to participate in the drawing 5000 ETH and 1000 BTC. At the end of March during the “drawing” of other cryptocurrency scammers got about $60 thousand in ETH, taking advantage of the mood of the public, affected by failures in the Telegram. And may Twitter account of the deceased informed the Creator of the financial pyramid “MMM” Sergei Mavrodi has announced the launch of “Mauro office” where people can exchange coupons MMM for free MVR.