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Note: the material is there, he slips to the Mat. If this is your problem — read what STO.

12 February it became clear that mother Russia will not kneel before a NATO server, with their root… these… eh… well, in General, you understand) and create your standing will Cabernet preference and pussies.

decided to make a Cheburashka
all of our Internet as variant
animal native but it
mutant#Klishas #Runet #Cabernet pic.twitter.com/HlgjACZ92A

— Leonid lialin (@lsl_2013) February 12, 2019.

And if the intent of the MPs so serious, it is impossible to lose:

Sovereign Internet in Russia approved by the state Duma in the first reading. Now write as if your every tweet could be your last.

— Michael Bach (@Mikhail_Bakh) February 12, 2019.

… and this is the time we spend (esessno) for a review of Mamsikov!

Social media immediately reacted to the bill about the isolation of Runet and looming over them Cabernet:

Will Cabernet (credesa).

— o, Oleno (@shumakom) February 13, 2019.

Prospects, indeed, colorful. Just imagine: the gaps in Cabernet will be issued on the passport and with the approval of a personal curator from FSB:

— Where are you going?
— The sovereign the Internet.
The form was filled out?
— Characteristics of employment?
— Here.
— A subscription about nondisclosure gave?
— Here, I swear not to divulge!
— The responsibility for inciting warned?
— Now, signed.
— Well, come on in. 18.00.

— Andrew (@dron0356) February 12, 2019.

And now we get to the Holy of holies:

Work Cabernet will be like this:

The sovereign, save and protect, Russian Internet pic.twitter.com/ofth9YCg1k

— tdnwtv (@tdnwtv) February 13, 2019.

But if suddenly the problem is what, that it’s easy to fix:

We will not deny, will Eburnea possible emergency situations and failure. But Russia would not be Russia if not pre-thought out additional Internet substitutes:

Sovereign Internet. Soon.. pic.twitter.com/VpTYqOrZx0

— The main Liberal (@ChiefLiberal) February 13, 2019.

More questions?

It gets better:

I bet you already want it bright and happy future:

let’s introduce more of your sovereign Internet and then yesterday I was in a non-sovereign corruptible corrupting influence of the West on the Internet all night TV series I watched and so I slept

— Mitya Dostoevsky (@D0CT0EBCKNN) February 13, 2019.

By the way, just catch an idea for a startup:

Domain name https://t.co/mBsD2hDnK1 sold for 100,000 rubles. No one wants to buy the main site of Cabernet? #Cabernet

— XoFfiCEr (@XoFfiCEr) February 15, 2019.

Newsflash, guys:

Read until turned off!