Unknown persons broke into the mission of the cryptocurrency exchanges OKCoin, located in Beijing and staged a pogrom, destroying office furniture and equipment and threatening employees. Fortunately, there was no serious violence and injuries.

Representatives of the crypto currency exchange so describe the incident:

“Around 14:00 more than a dozen unidentified persons broke into the office, knocking out the Elevator and damaging the door. They attacked and insulted the employees, broken items in the office, threatening, crippling the company’s operations. We immediately reported the incident to the police. Now the police are talking to all staff relevant to the case.”

Curiously, the incident was preceded by numerous customer complaints, working with futures on the platform. They do not accept the forced liquidation of other moments fostering monetary loss. It is also reported that some persons, whose identity is not established, a few days before was wandering about the office OKCoin.

Some linked the attack on the office with scriptaction WFEECoin, which, in the opinion of the investors, the founder of OKCoin Old Xu (Xu Star), previously applied in law enforcement bodies with the request to protect from a group of investors demanding his trial on business of the company WFEE.

In 2016 the Chinese OKCoin was one of the three largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world. The volume of trading exceeded 16 million BTC per month. However, in the beginning of the year we have difficulties because of the increasing regulation of digital currencies from the government of China.

In July OKCoin began work on the American market. The platform offers users trading pair from Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic against the U.S. dollar.