Visa payment system may in the future start working with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, if you will see that they become a real payment instrument. This statement in an interview with CNBC made CEO al Kelly.

According to him, in the short term, crypto-currencies do not represent a Visa of any threat, but the payment giant is ready to implement the new system, if digital currencies will get more recognition.

“So we felt more comfortable in this environment, there has to be a market, something akin to Vietnam currencies. In any case, no threat to cryptocurrency, we are not” — said Kelly.

At the same time he admitted the possibility that at a certain stage of Visa will work with cryptocurrency.

“If things go in that direction, we’ll go in that direction. We want to be in the middle of all payment flows in the world. No matter how it will happen or what it will currency. But now it is more a product than a payment tool,” added Kelly.

We will remind, earlier this month Visa announced the integration of blockchain technology Hyperledger Fabric in service for enterprise payments B2B Connect.