In Ukraine launched in a test mode of the voting system on the NEM blockchain. The results of the experiment, said the representative of the Central electoral Commission Alexander Stelmakh.

The experiment began in July in cooperation with the organization of the NEM Foundation, which provided them with free XEM cryptocurrency for transactions. For each of the 29 215 votes the system automatically removed the Commission from the proponent of the transaction in the amount of 0.3 XEM.

“Thus the approximate cost of posting election results at each polling station in the NEM blockchain will be 8765 XEM = $1227. As for me, it’s a small price to pay for life saving such important public data,” — said Alexander Stelmakh.

According to him, the structure of the NEM blockchain with 28 nodes allowed voting to attach to transaction arbitrary message size of 1 KB.

Alexander Stelmakh also said that the experiment is not yet complete, so to participate in testing can anyone.

ForkLog previously reported that, according to the report blockchain expert don Tapscott, Ukraine is one of the world leaders in the implementation of the technology of the distributed registry.