The company tZERO, a subsidiary of the retail giant Overstock has announced the completion of a controlled licensee (Security Token Offering, STO), according to EconoTimes.

Available to accredited investors campaign to raise funds was completed on Monday, 6 August. The results of licensee will be announced by the representatives of Overstock on Thursday, August 9.

Tocancel tZERO model SAFT was launched at the end of last year. On the first day of the initial phase of licensee project has been collected the sum of $100 million In total, the tZERO platform planned to raise $250 million for creating a trading system that meets all the requirements of the securities and exchange Commission (SEC). The prototype of this innovative platform was introduced in April of this year.

ForkLog previously reported that tZERO has entered into a partnership with the operator of the Boston options exchange BOX Digital Markets LLC, which will create a trading platform for security-tokens.