Blockchain-TRON project has announced that it has acquired the domain name He plans to turn the site into a search platform, through which participants in the blockchain industry will be able to analyze big data and to assess cryptoprocta, and to obtain other necessary information to work on innovation.

The head of TRON Justin San (Justin Sun) is confident that his initiative will contribute to the growth of the blockchain industry as a whole. In this case, the development of the new project are the organization TRON foundation, meaning it will be more focused on building a product, not on profits.

Recall that recently appeared in the 2013 domain name acquired CryptoStream Monaco. And TRON, three weeks ago, confirmed that closed the deal on the absorption of BitTorrent. According to experts, the purchase was an important event for TRON and its plans to build a decentralized Internet, and BitTorrent improve their services and to explore opportunities for decentralized communication outside of illegal file sharing.