The cryptocurrency that changed the modern economy. Began to appear a new currency, a new platform, and of course exchange.

You can buy or sell cryptocurrency in three ways: through the stock exchange, exchange or acquaintances who own digital assets.

The first way: deal with a friend
This is the least risky way. This method is suitable for beginners, people who wanted first to buy cryptocurrency, but not ready to register on the stock exchange or contact the exchange.

Second method: transaction through the exchange
This method is similar to the previous one, except that instead of the familiar is the exchange. It carries risks — if in the transaction process something goes wrong, the money is almost guaranteed to be lost.

The third way: the exchange
Exchange — the most risky areas for operations with cryptocurrencies, but at the same time — the most profitable, including due to the possibility to conduct margin trading (the use of borrowed funds for the purchase or sale of assets).
The risk is that the assets of traders posted in the stock accounts, and if the service is hacked, or it closes because of technical problems, users run the risk of losing their savings.

What is the specificity of work of the majority of services for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency. In order to use the service, you need user identification. These data to third parties. Correspondence is not protected properly.

The issue of security and anonymity in the world of cryptocurrency is one of the most important to date. The Creators Of Crypto.Deals focused on customer privacy and the security of their funds in the wallet in the transactions with cryptocurrency.

Crypto.Deals – the first cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Users exchange cash directly, and the service ensures the fulfillment of the transaction parties and their mutual incognito thanks to the technology of OTR (no one except parties to the transaction can not see the correspondence and access to the correspondence have only themselves parties to the transaction).

Servers are located in Switzerland under the protection of the laws “On protection of information”. In addition, access to the service is possible through the anonymous network TOR, which allows you to work from anywhere in the world.

The platform tracks all forcei and adds them to your multi-currency wallet.

To buy and sell cryptocurrency for any money and any way to store cryptocurrencies in a secure multi-currency wallet with Crypto.Deals.