In the second quarter of 2019 platform developers of decentralized applications Tron are planning to introduce some big updates and new tools designed to improve the functionality of the network.

About economical Twitter co-founder of the project Mike Lederman. In particular, he identified four key areas that will be implemented in the ecosystem of Tron.

Four major developments for #TRON in the coming weeks & months of Q2:

1. BitTorrent Speed, $BTT

2. Institutional-friendly multi-signature & account management

3. USDT-TRON stablecoin launch on #TRX blockchain

4. Implementing the privacy option for transactions#IAmDecentralized$TRX

— Misha Lederman (@mishalederman) March 20, 2019

First, we are talking about BitTorrent Speed application with which users will receive rewards in tokens BTT for distributing torrents.

Secondly, the developers plan to add support focused on institutional users purses with the function of multipoles, as well as more advanced account management system.

Thirdly, on the blockchain Tron are preparing to launch a token USDT – its implementation is carried out in partnership with the Issuer tablconv Tether. The new token standard TRC-20 is compatible with all protocols and decentralized applications based on Tron.

We will add that on the eve of the upcoming support stablon Tron has announced a cryptocurrency exchange OKEx.

USDT-TRON Will be Supported on OKEx

— OKEx (@OKEx) March 21, 2019

Finally, it is planned adding new features designed to improve the privacy of the transactions. In particular, we are talking about the technology of zk-SNARKS, which was originally adopted by the developers of cryptocurrency zcash for.

Note that the plans for the integration of zk-SNARKS is the founder of Tron Justin San mentioned last fall in the podcast Bad Crypto.

“People don’t want their private data stored at Facebook or Google that can manipulate these data and target users of the advertisement. No one wants to give them the data. So I think the best way to limit the transfer of personal data to third parties is decentralization”, said Justin San.

Recall that in late February, the Center for the development of information technology industry of China (CCID) has published the next rating of the cryptocurrency, which was first mentioned Tron (TRX). The cryptocurrency immediately took second place, behind only the unchanging leader of the rating EOS.