The Trustee of MtGox, Nobuaki Kobayashi announced that claims of creditors are considered and notified about the work done to the Tokyo district court.

The document States that in the coming days the Manager will inform the creditors about their decisions. Those who have applied through the online system MtGox, you will see the results in its interface, and the other will receive answers by email. In this case, those who still have not reported on their financial claims, yet unable to do it.

Kobayashi also revealed information about the current balance of the exchange. So, as of March 20, the company keeps keeps 686 141 142 846 BTC and BCH (a total of almost $600 million).

Many social media users expressed concern that distributed among the creditors scriptactive will soon be sold and it will negatively affect the prices of scriptaction. So, a Twitter user under the nickname PANDA expressed his hope that the creditors of MtGox — “honteri”:

#bitcoin $btc #bitcoincash $bch

A decision for civil rehabilitation has been reached for Mt Gox victims. 140,000 140,000 bitcoin and bitcoin cash will be returned to their respective owners

Hope these victims are HODLERS

— PANDA ๑ ๑ (@PandaofBinance) 21 March 2019 R.

We will remind, according to some, Nobuaki Kobayashi sold bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash of 35 billion yen through the trading platform BitPoint. According to many experts, this could have put significant pressure on the market and increase the volatility of cryptocurrency.