The Board of Trustees engaged in elimination of cryptocurrencies on behalf of the bankrupt exchange Mt. Gox, sold another batch of bitcoins and Bitcoin tokens Cash by 25.98 billion yen ($230 million).

On Tuesday, September 25, the asset Manager of the exchange, Nobuaki Kobayashi said that the cryptocurrency in this volume was sold after meeting with creditors on March 7.

Investors are closely watching the actions of Kobayashi, who became famous in cryptogrpahy as “Tokyo whale” because of the huge amount of tokens, which it controls.

Japanese Mt. Gox, once one of the largest bitcoin exchanges on a global scale, about four years ago I lost 850 000 bitcoins. At that time, the amount of damage was approximately $500 million and now the value of the lost bitcoins up to $5 billion.

The loss of cryptocurrency company, subsequently declared that it was unable to recover the 200 000 bitcoins, has accused hackers.

According to estimates by Bloomberg, the average of this batch of bitcoins was sold at $8100 apiece.