Exchange cryptocurrency Liqui daily trading volume which currently stands at $6.6 million, has surprised its users with the announcement of the upcoming de-listing of many popular assets.

“We inform that on September 28, 2018 at 12:00 UCT will be implemented delisting the following assets: CFI, TAAS, EDG, MCO, MGO, WAVES,. BAT,. MLN, TKN, MYST, ICN, TIME, REQ. To achieve the deadline (October 13, 2018) withdrawals will be suspended and assets written off. From now on you will not be able to display these assets. Please note that the deadline applies to assets, delisting which was implemented earlier, such as VET, EOS”, — informs the stock exchange, without explaining to whom and on what basis will be “writing off” assets.

As noted Trustnodes, delisting EOS was made after the stock exchange has not supported the transition of the token in the primary network this summer. Probably the same thing happened with the VET, but the reasons for refusal from the last token, some of which enjoyed considerable popularity, Liqui does not.

Meanwhile, the network continues to receive complaints in which people accuse the stock exchange of bad faith. Some claim that haven’t received their token EOS, while others write that you can’t solve the problems through support. Some users also complained that their requests for withdrawals were not processed within 24 hours, probably due to the increased flow of applications.

According to the exchange, its users are 291 of 845 employees, of which more than 1 000 is online at the time of publication.

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