While in Ukraine is actively developing a blockchain of a company of Ukrainian origin for 2017-2018 created 25 different cryptocurrencies, due to the placement of which was drawn more than $ 100 million.

In total, since 2009, i.e. since the creation of Bitcoin, in 2018 the world was created 1800 of cryptocurrency.

At the same time Ukraine is in the TOP 10 countries by number of users of cryptocurrencies, and among the owners of at least 42 public officials. Cryptocurrencies on the hryvnia, three on a stock exchange and daily trading volumes over them with the hryvnia reaching the equivalent of $1.9 million

Also exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the hryvnia in 18 online exchange and more than 4 thousand individuals. At the same time in Ukraine there are no registered companies that carry out this type of activities, that involve risks and limitations due to the lack of legal status of the cryptocurrency.

Recall, the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine is already divided into “legal” and “illegal”. However, in Ukraine, is in full swing preparing for the legislative regulation of the status of crypto-currencies, and this may occur already in autumn 2018.