Everus Technologies Sdn. Bhd. company with the technology of the blockchain, based in Malaysia, which aims to become a pioneer in the creation of the blockchain as services not only in their own country, but throughout the world. Recently the company also came into the Korean market and began to actively conquer the market of the country. Thanks to a variety of products adapted to global changes in the industry, Everus trying to ensure a positive transition for consumers to use bitcoin and the blockchain as a service.

Everus also has its own digital currency, known as EVR. ERC-20, powered by Ethereum. Available for trading on the stock exchanges, C-CEX, Cryptopia, Kuna and LocalBitcoinCash currently in circulation is more than 80 million EVR, while the total supply is 1 billion.

In April of this year, “Evrus” was recognized as the Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) as the organization reports, in accordance with the policy for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML / CFT) – digital currency (sector 6). Recognition BNM means an additional incentive for consumer confidence Everus, because every transaction wallet Everus transparent and in compliance with all established standards by the regulatory authorities.

The owners of EVR Wallet can send and track, receive and store your EVR in Everus Mobile Wallet app, which was launched in April of this year. This app is available on both iOS and Android, provides an easy access to the account holder wallet Everus, which is constantly running. One of the key benefits of the app are its security features; mobile wallet offers advanced technologies to enable face recognition and identity-fingerprints. Everus further plans to expand the versatility of the Everus Mobile app, enabling a single function to process payments for utility services; allowing the holder of the purse Everus to pay for basic services, such as utility bills, recharge mobile phones and much more.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, which are mainly used for the purpose of investment, Everus is trying to position the EVR as a viable payment method. Everus is currently building out its global system of interaction between vendors to improve ease of use EVR among those who own that bitcoin .

As measures to expand the ecosystem of Everus, will soon launch a crypto debit card that allows the holder of the purse Everus spend EVR anywhere extensive network of participating dealers and outlets around the world. The target debit card – not only shopping, but also to acquaint potential users with EVR that will accelerate the adoption and understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Everus also provides data for mining enthusiasts. Service Yottahash available mining enthusiasts who are looking for operational solutions to overcome operational requirements, such as sources and compliance space, the creation and maintenance of the equipment and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Everus seeks to turn Yottahash the largest mining farm in Asia: it also offers mining enthusiasts the convenience of a wide range of reliable equipment for purchase. Yottahash guarantees 100% transparency, surveillance and convenience.
Once the key products Everus will be created and zarabotayut they can expect to see large-scale use of EVR and increase sales. Too early to say, but the implementation of the Everus will be one of the most dynamic bloschanevych companies in the world in Southeast Asia.
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