Analytical resource Longhash has launched his own bitcoin-tracker. With it, users will be able to determine the degree of security addresses on the network the first cryptocurrency.

Check this out. On our site you can now enter a Bitcoin address and find out its balance, where money came from and if it might have a connection to crime. Details:

— LongHash (@longhashdata) September 20, 2018

Resource representatives explained their decision by the desire to bring the cryptocurrency out of the shadows of anonymity, which, in their opinion, makes them attractive to the underworld.

The image shows a classification of the wallets of the color scheme (the 4 basic types of transactions):

1. Blue — exchanges;
2. Blue — using bitcoin-mixers, hiding the sender’s address through his substitution;
3. Purplish mining;
4. Orange — gaming industry.

While pink marked inactive bitcoin addresses.

“We appreciate user, analyzing the transaction history and the status of the addresses with which it communicates. If the purse was made of a transaction for unsafe addresses (e.g. addresses of the users bitcoin mixers), its rating is automatically lowered. The higher the rating, the more reliable is the address”, — stated in the description of the tracking system.

The service users can also obtain data about the activity transfers from/to the specified address.

Earlier, the blockchain startup Chainalysis raised $16 million to launch a new tool that analyses transactions in real-time. With it, users can obtain information about the reliability of the counterparty.