Friday, 21 September, presidential adviser on regional economic integration Sergei Glazyev, met with the CEO and founder of Huobi, Leon Li (Leon Li) in the headquarters of the exchange in Beijing. During the meeting, they discussed General industry issues, as well as the possible presence of Huobi on the Russian market.

According to Glazyev, the Russian government sees Huobi positive example for the market:

“The cryptocurrency industry continues to flourish and expand, and almost every country on the planet is trying to promote growth of the cryptocurrency sector. If Huobi Group will be a model of excellence for the market, this would greatly facilitate the creation of the Russian national legislation on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Application experience Huobi in Russia would have a positive impact on the economic growth of the country. So I think this meeting is a great opportunity to discuss this area.”

In addition, the Advisor stressed that, despite the inextricable link between cryptocurrency and bloccano, the use of DLT technology extends beyond digital asset:

“In some countries, the blockchain is not only used in conjunction with the digital asset, but even in administrative proceedings, such as the prevention of smuggling, as it is the best technology in terms of traceability of transactions and prevention of risks.”

Glazyev repeatedly expressed support blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency in the media. During the March forum “Criptored” the politician stated that the introduction of the blockchain and smart contracts in the state system will allow to create in Russia a “modern, effective government, protected from corruption”.

Not all experts and policy directly related to the cryptocurrency and pineham in Russia, shared the enthusiasm Glazyev. Earlier in September, the President’s special representative on the digital development, Dmitry Peskov, in an interview with RIA Novosti said that while the legal treatment of cryptocurrencies in Russia is impossible.