More than $50 million licenzirovanie dollars issued by the Tether at the beginning of August, do not affect the situation in the cryptocurrency market. To such conclusion analysts of Blumberg, calling previously submitted to the approval of the researchers from the University of Texas about the involvement of the Tether to the manipulation of the price of bitcoin (BTC) is untenable.

If last year’s release party of the USDT coincided with the unprecedented growth of the main cryptocurrency, this year’s release licenzirovanie dollars Tether did not cause a similar effect. On the contrary, bitcoin has shown a depreciation of 15%.

Recall cryptocurrency Tether, the rate is pegged to the dollar at a 1:1 ratio, have been criticized for their alleged influence on the exchange rate of bitcoin.

In an article published in mid-June, said that bitcoin has reached its historical maximum in $ 20,000 due to price manipulation, which involved as a Tether, and the sixth largest crypto currency exchange Bitfinex, which is, “the only direct client Tether.

In June Tether USDT issued $250 million in Maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) said that this might signify the coming increase in the demand for money and of course bitcon, as usually happened after the release of a new volume USDT. Earlier this year, Tether has released USDT $300 million in March and $250 million in may.

The situation around the Tether caused the excitement cryptosuite and subsided, when a legal company, Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP (FSS) reported that they had access to the Bank accounts of the Tether and can confirm that on June 1, the balance on them was about $2.55 billion, however, researchers from the Department of Finance the University of Texas concluded that in 2017 the Issuer of the token was manipulated bitcoin market.