“Russian holding company” (RHC), partly owned by the former Deputy Chairman of “Gazprom” Alexander Ryazanov, 25 June acquired a 50% supplier of equipment for the mining of cryptocurrencies, LLC “data Center” (New Mining Company). This is evidenced by the reference-information system “SPARK-Interfax”.

The company “data Center” operating under the brand New Mining Company was registered in July 2017. It carries out direct deliveries of mining equipment under a distribution agreement with Chinese company Canaan Creative. It is the second largest manufacturer of equipment for mining in China. In 2017, its operating income amounted to 1.3 billion yuan ($204 million). Representatives of the company claim that it accounts for 20% of all mining hardware is sold in the world today. In may this year, Canaan Creative has applied for the IPO to 1 billion on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Along with trade, New Mining Company also offers equipment for mining in our own data centers in Russia (Novomoskovsk, the territory of the Novomoskovsk SDPS) and in Norway (Tynset, Alvdal Industrial park).

Co-founder of “data Center” Denis Wimps confirmed to Interfax the fact of a deal with the company Ryazanova, but did not mention its amount.

The Corporation “Gazprom” Alexander Ryazanov worked since 2003 in the role of Deputy Chairman of the Board, Board member and Chairman of the Committee on regional policy. In 2006, he left Gazprom, and in 2007 sold most of its stake for more than $13 million In the same period he created the “Russian holding company”, Chairman of the Board of Directors which is now.

RCH invested in real estate, road construction and consumer sector. In particular, the company owns the producer of juices and jams, ZAO “Russian ear” and the company that owns the large Elevator JSC “Biotechnology”. Along with this, Ryazanov a co-investor in the company Sergei Zaremba “uniservis”, specializing in the confectionery business. Jokingly Ryazanov said that his greatest achievement in life — patent for the funnel cake. In June RGC signed a contract with the authorities of the Orel region on the construction of a detour road to bypass the eagle for 3.2 billion.

In March this year, the company “Meridian” (Ryazanov among its co-owners) started the construction of Russia’s first private motorway, the Meridian that will be a spin-off from the transport corridor by Russia — Western China. Presumably, the construction of the road will cost about 600 billion roubles.

Since 2008, Ryazanov included in the composition of the Board of Directors of JSC “Russian Railways”. Plans Ryazanov in mining business in open sources was not reported.