In the next decade, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be the most common method of payment for goods and services. This conclusion was made by a group of researchers from Imperial College London and social investing platform eToro is publishing the report “Cryptocurrency: overcoming barriers to trust and acceptance”.

According to researchers, the widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency required to perform the following functions: means of savings and accumulation, medium of exchange and unit of account. Moreover, they believe that cryptocurrencies are already the means of accumulation.

As the report notes, “the last two criteria require bitcoin and other digital currencies progress in addressing the remaining challenges, such as scalability, user interface and control”.

“The first email was sent in 1971, but it took almost three decades before the technology came into use thanks to a convenient interface Нotmail. The first ever bitcoin transaction took place a little over eight years ago, today we can already see that it begins to conform to the requirements of the money. We believe that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become common within a decade. Of course, there are barriers, but they can be overcome”, — said the managing Director of the company eToro Iqbal Gundam.

We will remind, according to the company Ipsos, which conducted a study on the perception of new technologies by residents of Europe, Australia and the USA, interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain in the near future will be doubled.