Monday, September 17, Tezos Foundation will formally conclude the beta period of the Protocol.

Have a great weekend, everyone, because mainnet arrives Monday!

— Tezos Foundation (@TezosFoundation) 14 September 2018 R.

As noted by CoinDesk, the upcoming event is conceptual in nature, as the launch of a viable version of the software was produced at the end of June. After that, the listing of several exchanges, there were tokens of the project Tezos under the Ticker XTZ.

Despite the fact that then bloccano Tezos already could be used for other purposes, technically, the system remained in beta testing, and its work could be at any time suspended for technical reasons.

“Over the past few months, we happily watched the smooth and efficient operation of the network. The community was actively involved in the upcoming planning cycle to participate more than 400 validators (“Baker”). The community creates a whole array of exciting technological solutions”, — said the President Tezos Foundation Ryan Jesperson.

According to knowledgeable sources, since the launch of the network was only one failure. So, in the middle of July for hours not performed correctly, the validation blocks. The problem was solved, and since the blockchain system works smoothly.

The first time after the launch of the network transaction in the network was valderrobles only the most Tezos Foundation. However, on 20 July, the access to the system was opened to third-party validators.

Last summer, the project Tezos gathered a record at the time the $230 million project Soon came under a flurry of class-action lawsuits that, apparently, was the cause of lengthy delays in launching the platform.

However, after the resignation of the head Tezos Foundation Johanna of Gevers development project intensified, many of the issues have been resolved. Now, amid an upcoming event, price Tezos demonstrates a more than steady growth. So, just for the last day of the course XTZ increased by one third:

Data: CoinMarketCap

It is also worth noting that the market capitalization of the coins have already exceeded one billion U.S. dollars.

ForkLog previously reported that Tezos Foundation entered into an agreement with PricewaterhouseCoopers for the audit of the organization.