Representatives of the Liqui crypto currency exchange created in 2016, the Ukrainian developers for English-speaking customers, has announced that after a change at the end of last year the politician of use of the area forced to close because of the inability to provide liquidity for remaining on the customer service and lack of further economic sense.

Users are given 30 days for withdrawals: all requests will be processed through the customer service to the last customer, however the website of the exchange after the specified period may be deactivated. In addition, those who decide to continue to hold assets at the site daily will be charged corresponding Commission.

In Liqui do not rule out the resumption of the courts in the indefinite future, but this will depend on the state of the market, which from 2017 has undergone significant changes.

We will remind, earlier ex-Manager Huobi Group confirmed that since November last year, the company is a mass reduction of staff. According to him, it is connected with the change of leadership, the new CEO of the company became Wen, trip stage Inn (Wen Xiaoqi), and problems with cash flow. And Ethereum co-founder and head of the ConsenSys Joseph Lubin (Lubin Joseph) reduced 60% of the workforce to reduce costs at the same time he remains confident ahead of the cryptocurrencies have a bright future.