Specializing in the creation of the Japanese mobile gaming company Gumi has created an investment Fund with assets of $30 million, according to CoinJournal.

A new Fund called Gumi Cryptos will focus on investment in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Will lead the organization CEO and founder of Gumi, Hironao Kunimitsu and Creator cryptobinary platform Evercoin Miko Matsumura.

“We decided to create a Fund that will allow us to interact directly with crypto and blockchain startups in the early stages of development”, — said Kunimitsu, expressing confidence that Gumi Cryptos will have an impact in an evolving market.

Previously, the company invested in “stable value” Basis, and the blockchain is the Robot of the startup Cache, create a decentralized alternative to the Steam platform.

“We like the early stages. We invest in stocks and tokens. We love financial services. We like gaming technology and we are convinced that between them and the cryptocurrency there is a close relationship” — said Miko Matsumura.

We will remind, earlier CryptoCup launched a gaming platform for the spectators of the world Cup.