Hackers gained access to personal information 90 of thousands of customers of canadian banks Bank of Montreal (BMO) and Simplii Financia using identified vulnerabilities in the security system demanded a ransom of $1 million XRP from each of the banks under the threat of the spread of the data received. In BMO refused to comply with the demands of the hackers, saying it principled position not to pay the fraudsters and to help clients and to protect their interests.

The attackers became known the names of the users as well as data about their accounts, including passwords, secret questions and answers, social security numbers and balances. In an email sent to BMO and Simplii from the email address with a Russian domain, they presented data from several clients to prove the reality of the threats.

The hackers also spoke about the fact that I was able to access classified information using a mathematical algorithm, designed for fast validation of short sets of numbers, such as credit card numbers. It allowed them to identify cardholders who have lost the passwords to them, and then update the security questions and answers and get full access to the accounts.

Recall that currently the financial regulators: the US and Canada, working with securities markets in different levels, carried out the largest operation against kriptosistema: Operation Crypto-Sweep. Launched in may large-scale trial involves about 70 inquiries and investigations, as well as 35 cases of use of compulsory measures in more than 40 jurisdictions.