Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Reis (Ricardo Reis) has created a coffee machine that is triggered by a payment in bitcoin. Thus he wanted to show that the leading cryptocurrency has a different potential use cases, including as a real “programmable money.”

The coffee machine is activated when a certain amount of bitcoins sent to any connected wallet. The controller includes a QR code that allows potential users to send money and to pay for coffee. Payment confirms Internet-connected device that runs the mechanism of the machine.

The flight is not professionally connected with cryptocurrencies, but calls himself a “Bithynia” in 2016, he became an investor in BTC. Bitcoin machine he created to help people learn more about cryptocurrency.

“I have developed a device that causes the coffee maker in action by means of bitcoin transactions, to learn and have fun. Contact with technology for me is a hobby. My intention was not to create something for commercial use, I just wanted to explore the possibilities of technology and show other people BTC as “programmable money”, — said the businessman.

The machine uses Lightning Network (LN), although the Flight said he plans soon to create a solution using technology. The entrepreneur explained that the device is built on a mini-computer Raspberry Pi for programming he used PHP.

Earlier, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) said that in the future bitcoin will become the single currency of the Internet, his opinion was supported by the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak). A well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper (Tim Draper) have repeatedly said that in five years bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become the main means of payment.