Walmart, the American company that manages the world’s largest network of wholesale and retail trade, received a patent for a system that will allow you to obtain the medical records stored in the blockchain, with the wearable device. The patent application was filed in December 2016.

“Storing records in the blockchain is attractive because of the complexity of change. If medical records were stored in the blockchain, for their view/change would need access to the private key of the patient. However, when he is unconscious or unable to speak, emergency employee will not be able to access the medical record of the user stored in the blockchain. Therefore, a need exists for a method and system for receiving health data stored in the blockchain, in the case when the owner of the private key can provide access to them”, — stated in the application.

System, which describes the patent of Walmart, includes three components. First, the wearable device acting as a local storage of the blockchain. Secondly, the biometric scanner used to obtain the biometric signature of the patient. And, finally, RFID-scanner, designed for radio frequency identification. It needs to be embedded in the device, which can conveniently always carry with them (e.g., the bracelet).

When the emergency team of first scans the wearable device of the patient using a RFID scanner to obtain private and public keys, opening access to that person.

To decrypt the private key physicians need biometric signature of the patient, so they will need to scan his face, a fingerprint, a retina or iris of the eye.

The document notes that after the first aid the medical data stored in the blockchain, can be transferred to the hospital where you will undergo further treatment of the patient.

Theoretically, the use of IoT devices can greatly facilitate and accelerate the movement of such information between various medical institutions and individual doctors.

Recall that last week Walmart received a patent for a blockchain system for energy management. In addition, in may was approved two more applications of retail giants associated with its core business.

One of them is the storage on the blockchain record of the purchase, which customers can use for resale of goods. Another patent directed to facilitate client delivery to restricted areas.

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