On may 15 530356 block of Bitcoin Cash occurred hardwork, which resulted in the previously announced increase in block size from 8 to 32 MB.

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Bitcoin Cash Fund (@BitcoinCashFund) 16 may 2018 R.

In anticipation of the hard forks miners and full nodes have updated their clients to version 0.17.1 Bitcoin ABC. Bitcoin Unlimited and XT also for the last few weeks has released an update that supports this hardwork.

Apart from increasing the block size and other changes in the code are also available OP_CODES, providing functions to implement smart contracts and other solutions.

Another important change was the increase in the limit for media the default from 80 to 220 bytes. This should ensure reliable operation of the OP_Return function, which involves relatively inexpensive method of embedding data in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash.

We will remind, according to the Bitcoin Cash, the next update of the Protocol the BCH will be held in November this year.

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