In the late 2000s, HTC has played a key role in the market of smartphones based on Android operating system. Now the company wants to do the same with Baccano.

The Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets Tuesday, may 15, announced the smartphone Exodus, which will become the mobile device with support for decentralized applications and integrated a universal cryptocurrency wallet. It is reported by Coindesk.

According to Phil Chan, who previously founded a line of VR-products Vive, and recently led the project Genesis (in which is developed a smartphone), the company plans to begin deliveries of the device to the end of the year.

Although HTC is not the only company that is working on a specialized blockchain smartphone (recently, the company Sirin Labs drew on ICO $157 million to build a smartphone Finney), she, of course, is the largest in this area.

How the product is positioned, shows that HTC sees the decentralized technologies of great promise. Raymond PAO, Vice President of VR-technology in HTC, shared plans for infrastructure and smartphone, which will support the decentralized web:

We believe that smartphones will be a critical component for the entire cryptosystem. This phone will act as a hub similar to a personal computer in the early days of the Internet.

The ecosystem will include a digital storefront for decentralized applications (dapps), in addition to the built-in wallet. The idea is that the store will be associated with the existing blockchains, including Ethereum. The phone will also built-in API to create additional applications. Cheng says the company’s goal was the creation of a product that can provide a high level of security of digital assets stored on the device, along with ease of use that offer other cryptococal on the market.

HTC is betting that the widespread use of smartphones (data from Statista show that today almost 3 billion people use such gadgets) make them a natural environment for the blockchain, especially on the issue of control over personal data. Cheng says:

We really do care about mobile identity and user that owns this personal information and data. We believe that the mobile — the best place for such care.

Company launches pre-sale of smartphones (pre-order on the website), and as payment would accept bitcoin and ether.