Bank Santander announced its intention to use the service Onepay FX, was developed by company Ripple international payments.

Is a financial institution which belongs to Grupo Santander, the largest financial group in Spain, one of the first in the world to use the products Ripple in their financial operations. The Bank Santander is on the list of key investors of the company and in addition to the use of its payment system RippleNet is actively promoting the project of cryptocurrency in the global market, according to the Ethereum World News.

Ed Metzger, head of the Department of innovation at Santander, said:

Financial services move into the world of open platforms, where companies work together to provide great customer service. We do this with the Onepay platform FX.

Payment network RippleNet long been a base for cross-border payments Santander. Recently, the credit institution has completed the testing of this product and convinced of its effectiveness in providing high-speed and transparency of transactions.

Now Santander will begin using Onepay FX with financial operations in Europe. At the moment the Bank transfers the funds using this service only in Poland, Brazil and the UK. In the future it plans to use in all the countries of Latin America and Europe.