Today Swiss online Bank Dukascopy announced the launch of contracts for difference (CFDs) on a pair of ETH/USD. The tool is available for owners of investment accounts of Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe.

In connection with the EU law, values of leverage for this type of contracts will vary from 1:3 for deposits with Dukascopy Bank and 1:2 for deposits at Dukascopy Europe.

Representatives of the Bank added that app users Mobile Current Account will be able to make the broadcast on their current accounts and send tokens to other accounts Dukascopy. In addition, in the future Dukascopy plans to implement Deposit and withdrawal BTC for current and trading accounts:

“Under crypto-currency financing should be understood that the clients of Dukascopy Bank will be able to Deposit/withdraw funds from the accounts in Fiat currency, but the cryptocurrency […] At the initial stage of crypto-currency financing will be carried out only in bitcoin in part of the trial. It is expected that these services will become an important component of the infrastructure of Dukascopy, which will continue to use your own digital assets”.

Now Dukascopy also expects the permission of the financial Supervisory body of the Swiss holding ICO. Tokens will be used as a means of promoting applications Dukascopy Connect Mobile 911 and Current Accounts and basic element of the remuneration system for clients. In addition, the Bank will release its own stablein tied to Fiat currency.