The identity of the legendary Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto remains a subject of much debate and speculation. 29 Jun the network suddenly appeared a small text called Duality (“Duality”), which may be a fragment of the future book. Fragment allegedly belonging Peru Satoshi Nakamoto was published on the website

After the publication of Duality in the network of the voices of skeptics who claim that a fragment of the book riddled with errors and cannot belong to Peru Satoshi. However, the alleged Nakamoto writes that recently his style has become more “relaxed”, because over the years he pays less attention to such “insignificant details”.

As an it specialist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, essayist and psychologist Troy Watson tried to verify the author’s identity Duality by using the so-called stilisticheskoe analysis, in which he used the clustering method and the Delta of Burroughs.

First, Watson compared the Duality with lyrics written by Gavin Indrasena, Craig Wright, Nick Szabo and way Give. He used the method of selecting the most frequently occurring words, which, according to him, reduces the degree of subjectivity analysis. For example, a 90 percent breeding common words means that the analysis focuses only words found in 90% of the studied texts.

Below are a graph illustrating a comparison of the new text with the materials of the aforementioned authors, as well as with the old materials, the authorship of which is stated as owned by Nakamoto.

Selected 203 common words (MWF)

The result of this analysis, Watson comes to the conclusion that the style Duality similar to the style of other materials Satoshi.

Watson then compares the known texts Nakamoto and more than a hundred white paper to find out whether they are combined into cluster (despite considerable semantic “noise”). Again, the author comes to the conclusion that the studied fragment is reminiscent of other texts Satoshi, despite all the “noise” of the white paper.

155 selected the most frequently occurring words (MWF)

Finally, Watson compares own articles with materials Craig Wright and other authors, as well as with letters and texts Satoshi to understand whether the method of selecting common words to distinguish his own style from the style of other writers:

Selected 112 most frequently occurring words (MWF)

Ultimately, Watson comes to the conclusion that the analysis data allow to assert that the authorship can indeed belong to Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, he stipulated that it provide the unambiguous confirmation of authorship is not, as any person can be simulated. However, according to him, the fragment clearly deserves attention, and the book if it is published completely, will be worth reading.