In Irkutsk unknown calculated to find the secret farm bitcoin millionaire Yuri Dromashko and stole the equipment were there – 28 HAS s for mining. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Irkutsk.

“It all happened around 5 a.m. in the night on Friday. My mining farm is located in non-residential premises in Irkutsk, where exactly – I can’t say. I hide it. But these people, robbers, apparently, owned this confidential information,” — said Yuri Dromashko in an interview.

According to him, inside the house surveillance camera captured two men in sunglasses and hoods pulled equipment. The theft took them 6-7 minutes.

“Before that they the stairs climbed into the room and cut off the grid. Then the equipment they pulled down, dragged through the fence and loaded him into the car. Criminals obviously not in a hurry, apparently, it was an order and they probably knew that the alarm won’t work”, — says the entrepreneur.

The owner of the farm suspects involved in theft of equipment, or set the alarm or are engaged in its service. According to his estimates, the damage amounted to about 1.5 million rubles. He also announced his willingness to give half of the miners to anyone who can help recover stolen. A statement to the police is also already written.

Yuri Dromashko stressed that all the stolen equipment was completely legal and are officially imported from China. Bought it over a year ago, and only electrician that serves the miners it has been spent 15 million rubles. However, a six months all expenses paid off, and the miners started to make a profit.

Representative Satoshi Nakamoto Robbed (Full video documentary of theft on the channel “Cryptostiline” in YouTube 💰😎🔫). ____ In General, the guys who will find my miners are 28 pieces, burglars will know on video and will seriously help – I’m willing to give half of found Miners or to give money 💰 ____ #bitcoin #maining #mining #bitcoin #cryptostiline

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Earlier this year on a series of the largest in the country, and robberies, which was stolen about 600 systems for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, said the police of Iceland. The cost of damage was estimated at nearly $2 million In the investigation of the incident, was then arrested 11 people, one of whom was a security guard.

The main suspect in the organization of the theft was later arrested in the Netherlands.