The Agency for combating money laundering (AMLO) of Thailand is considering the creation of its own cryptocurrency wallet to store confiscated from cyberhawks digital assets.

Initiative AMLO was presented at the seminar in Bangkok, which controls Thailand and the UN member States discussed the problem of crypto-currency fraud in the country.

At the moment the legislation contains no rules that allow AMLO to freeze and seize digital assets of criminals. Because of this, fraudsters continue to own cryptocurrency, even while in prison.

According to forecasts of the head of the Institute of justice of Thailand, Kittipong Kittayarak, the number of kiberprestupniki in Asia will grow rapidly in the coming years, therefore, the authorities should as soon as possible to develop policies and tools for combating digital fraud.

Representatives of AMLO noted that in Thailand illegal activity with cryptocurrency is more concerned with cheating investors who put their money in fraudulent projects.

At the workshop, the Deputy regional UN office on drugs and crime (UNODC) Julien Garsany noted that economic losses from cryptocurrency fraud in 10 countries in South-East Asia already totaled $120-200 million

Earlier it was reported that the head of the Bank of Thailand Virachai Santiprabhob defended the cryptocurrency. He noted that they cannot be directly associated with the fraudulent projects.

In August, the Central Bank of the country announced the launch of Project Inthanon, aimed at creating its own digital currency.

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