Trading-analytical platform TigerTrade allows you to get more information in a more convenient way to trade multiple instruments on one screen, placing the glasses next, display graphics, as well as to simultaneous trading on several cryptomeria.

Also provides us with interesting and useful information which cannot be obtained using only the interface of the exchange. For example, the clustered graphs and Delta on the stock exchange Bitmex — open interest.

Useful features such as dynamic glass, the position indicator in a beaker of orders, clear tape orders, placing of orders with a mouse click — it all makes trade much more efficient and appreciated by many traders that allows you to enter a position at the best price, when using the web interface to implement it pretty easy.
It is also possible to trade in simulation mode.

Similar platform for a long time used by many professional traders who “live market” on the Moscow stock exchange for trading stocks and futures and easily configured to any style of trading like scalping, daytrading, swing trading.

It is important that TigerTrade is not a design “on the hype” and develops within 8 years of the Russian developers to work on the Russian and American stock markets, with the growing popularity of kryptomere added their support.

Platform allows you to trade directly on exchanges such as Bitmex, Binance, Bittrex,Bitfinex etc.

The list of exchanges is expanding all the time.

Connect using the API key — a personal account of the exchange, you must create a key and insert it in TigerTrade.

This platform is 2500 per month.

When downloading on this link you get 14 days for free.

TigerTrade download from the official site

Платформа TigerTrade для торговли криптовалютами

Платформа TigerTrade для торговли криптовалютами
Bitmex, XBT/USD (1) — position indicator, (2) cluster, volume last price,
(3) — detailed sales

Every element of the platform is highly configurable, allowing you to get a convenient display of the traded instrument

Scaling prices

Платформа TigerTrade для торговли криптовалютамиBinance, BNBBTC

Flexible zoom setting prices for convenient display glass tool.


Allows you to see the difference in the volume of market purchases and sales on each bar. Blue color — so it was more shopping. Red means more sales.

Платформа TigerTrade для торговли криптовалютамиBitmex, XBT/USD

The cumulative Delta and open interest(OI)

For futures contracts there is an indicator of the Open interest.
Exchange Bitmex, since the traded futures contracts, it is broadcast.
Cumulative Delta can be used on other cryptomeria including.

Open interest is the total number of open positions at the current market. The higher the open interest, the more people engaged in trade of an asset.
The growth of open interest informs about the strength of the current price movement, and the declinewarns of weakness.

Combinations of variants of the price movement and the movement of OI and their interpretations — 8 pieces.

Cumulative Delta indicator that displays the cumulative Delta for a specified time interval. For example, day.

Graph of the cumulative Delta is constructed by adding the current value of the Delta with each subsequent.

Analysis of divergence of the indicator with the schedule of prices is used to estimate trend strength and turning points search.

Both indicators have settings for what period, display type, and others.
It looks like this:

Платформа TigerTrade для торговли криптовалютами
Bitmex, XBT / USD, 5 min.

Work with these indicators allows to understand more deeply the mood of the market for each written great articles on the Internet.

During these Forex indicators for Metatrader worked crooked, and from third-party developers were paid.

Shopping glass of a clustered graph

Платформа TigerTrade для торговли криптовалютами
Binance, ETC/BTC, the volume in clusters

A cluster graph allows us to look inside the candle and see what was going on. We can set it up so that at each price shown the total amount of transactions, as in the example above.

You can display a full screen chart or display in the desired size — the window resizes, all the elements massturbate.

Or we can watch it separately, volume of purchases and sales at a certain price:

Платформа TigerTrade для торговли криптовалютами
Binance, ETC/BTC, Delta in clusters

Cluster analysis allows us to see support and resistance based on traded volumes, and the approximate lines drawn on the chart.

Of course, cluster analysis of the market is quite complicated, there are there are a lot of subtleties that the trader should learn to notice and account for, so to speak, to the naked eye. However, with the right approach, cluster analysis can be an excellent tool to understand the market situation and make an informed and the most right trading decisions.

An introductory video to the platform, without them it is difficult to understand:

1. The basics of working with the terminal

2. Graphics, graphic and technical analysis

3. Glass, tape trades, player trade history

4. Trading terminal features

Analysis tool, finding the entry point, the trade entry and exit at every stage of the trading platform TigerTrade provides invaluable assistance and undoubtedly offers you a competitive advantage!

When you register with this link you get 14 days for free.

TigerTrade download from the official site

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