The lawyers of the messenger Telegram has filed an appeal against the refusal by the Supreme court to reverse the orders of the FSB on the provision of key correspondence in instant messengers. This was announced by the head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

The complaint sent to the Appellate division of the Supreme court.

The document States that the FSB requested information should cover the confidentiality of correspondence, as with encryption keys, the secret service will be able to “monitor the correspondence of all the users of Telegram”.

“In addition, the court did not consider in this case the plaintiff’s arguments with a position of respect for the necessary balance between protecting public and private interests. The impugned order stipulates the obligation of companies to give the FSB the decryption keys that would allow to access the correspondence of all users of this instant messenger and not only persons suspected of crimes”, — said Pavel Chikov.

We will remind, from-for refusal to pass the FSB encryption keys Telegram in April 2018 blocked in Russia. To completely restrict access to the messenger Roskomnadzor has failed, but attempts to do this in Russia was hampered access to hundreds of other sites and services.