Yesterday Microsoft showed off Azure Blockchain Workbench — a new package of tools for developers who are engaged in distributed registries.

In the test the announcement said that the Toolkit serves as a “scaffolding for a full cycle of application development on the blockchain” and configured “in a couple of clicks”. In other words, Microsoft is trying to simplify and optimize the process of creating a blockchain-based applications Azure.

“We are pleased to present today an open preview version of Azure Blockchain Workbench, our new product, which is able to reduce the work on the application that usually takes months to several days”, — wrote in the corporate blog Matthew Kerner (Matthew Kerner), General Manager of Azure.

He added:

“Blockchain Workbench allows you to quickly start a workflow by automating the configuration of infrastructure so developers can focus on application logic and business owners — the examples of their use.”

Some Microsoft partners have already tested Workbench; this includes Bank Hapoalim (Israel), Nestle and manufacturer AT Apttus.

It is unknown whether Microsoft to provide its development partners in other initiatives. Recall that the Corporation cooperates with Hyperledger, UN, R3 and consortium research group at Cornell University studying various aspects of the blockchain technology.

In addition, Microsoft is working with bloccano in the areas of digital identity and investment instruments. In March, Microsoft Azure has teamed up with British startup Nivaura to test the capabilities of the blockchain in the settlement of assets. Companies have been able to successfully carry out the registration, clearing and settlement of the transactions with the bonds.