40% of Russians do not even think about the fact that the hackers can use their devices for cryptocurrency mining. The survey developer Avast among two thousand respondents, writes “Kommersant”.

32% of respondents believe that will not become the victims of malware. They argue that the fact that they themselves have nothing to do with the process of mining. Over 20% of Russians said they would choose captaining instead of advertising. We are talking about sites that offer visitors mining on their gadgets in the background instead of viewing the ad content.

According to Avast, 2017 Russian hackers were often used for kriptomayning devices of the Internet of things. The most vulnerable are recognized by routers — 69% are under threat of hacking.

According to the survey, residents of the Russian Federation showed a high level of awareness of kriptonyte among users worldwide. 95% of respondents are familiar with the cryptocurrency, and 82% have heard about programs for covert mining.

ForkLog previously reported that according to the June survey of AKRA, in the first quarter of 2018, the Russians invested in the digital currency to $14 billion.