000000000000000000 21e800c1e8df51b22c1588 e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a this long sequence of letters and numbers is a hash that is generated when creating new blocks in the blockchain of bitcoin. Normally, hashes do not care about, but this hash posted on Twitter by mark Wilkeson caused in the cryptocurrency community an active discussion in a conspiratorial manner. More precisely, the combination of “21e8” in the hash (after the zeros).

E8 is a theory in physics that attempts to describe all fundamental interactions in the Universe. It was proposed in 2007, Anthony Garrett Lisi in his paper “an Exceptionally simple theory of everything.” This theory has not been proved, and in principle has never been accepted as authoritative physicists seriously. But some cryptocurrency enthusiasts have interpreted it differently. For example, the user Juan Galt on Twitter wrote that the name Satoshi Nakamoto in Japanese means “enlightened (Satoshi) at the source (Nakamoto)”. This supposedly proves that Satoshi had some connection with the theory of E8. The hash index is E8 next to the number 21, which refers to the maximum number of bitcoins (21 million). In this regard, many came to the conclusion that Satoshi would purposefully choose such a hash to be “discovered”.

There were some complications. If someone tried specially mined this particular hash, it would take literally forever. Not to mention the fact that it would take processing power that modern technologies do not have. Computer specialist Andrew DeSantis gave an accurate answer to how much time would be required for this:


Bitcoin Geoff “Still The Same Kids” Tarantino (@desantis) June 20, 2018

Professor, Cornell University Emin Kyeong-Sier criticized the idea of “randomness” of the hash, noting that there are many other numbers that look special, even though they don’t look like 21е8. But Dan Robinson, programmer of the Chain, indicated that this combination occurs in the other blocks of bitcoin: 26 284, 83 434, 187 323, 259 695, 304 822, 349 158, 437 039 and 475 118.