Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) on the NEX technology conference in new York said that the hype around blockchain technology is akin to the “bubble” burst.

“Then it was “bubble”, and I feel the same way about the blockchain” he said.

Wozniak said that many promising for the future of the Internet, the company quickly burst. And although he sees the potential for the introduction of technology because it is “decentralized and absolutely reliable” to become the stage of excitement she would need time.

“One day the situation will not change. A blockchain-ideas which is really good, came too soon and can burn due to the fact that it is not ready for stable long-term work,” – said Wozniak.

We will remind, a month ago, Wozniak said that on blockchain Ethereum platform can replicate the success of Apple. Later, he expressed the hope that bitcoin will become the single global currency of the Internet.