Instant insights cryptocurrencies become a reality. Team FINTECH-startup ORCA technology has presented its own case, allowing you to instantly withdraw cryptocurrency from the exchange directly to the Bank accounts of users. ORCA was able to make a transfer from cryptogenic directly into Euro account within 6 seconds.

Live demonstration of the new technology case was conducted from ISM University of management and Economics in Vilnius on the Youtube channel ORCA. Real-time demonstration was observed by the representatives of the financial sector of Lithuania and various startups.

New technology the case presented to chief technical Director of ORCA Dmitry Radin, who is using the vending machine was verified that the funds were received. The transfer took only 6 seconds, which is ten times faster than originally expected.

According to the developers, the solution ORCA is intended to relieve the owners of cryptocurrencies from a variety of existing problems. In particular, created a startup platform Open Banking will simplify the interaction with the banking scheme “all-in-one”. Users will be able to connect, track and manage their financial accounts from European banks, e-money institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

Chief operating officer of ORCA and a former analyst with the investment Bank Laurent Burkin as part of the demonstration Keyes spoke about the changes in the landscape of global Finance.

“The entire banking sector dramatically transformirovalsya right now. A couple of years ago, it was unthinkable to think that a startup can go to an indoor market of retail and investment banking and take on his share of the market,” said Burkin.

According to him, the new FINTECH startups are challenging the banks, by providing cheaper, more efficient services, and Open Banking already makes its way to Europe. Moreover, cryptocurrencies become a mass phenomenon, surrounding himself with attention to both individual and institutional investors.

Nathan Avidon, co-founder and CEO of ORCA Alliance, noted that their startup was conceived as a financial management tool that focuses on the owners of cryptocurrencies, which connects various financial accounts via their API.

Avidon said that the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency will be achieved only if the market becomes convenient and accessible, including for technologically less-savvy users.

“At its core, the ORCA — it is a consumer app and we are well aware that its mass adoption can be achieved only with the help of practical and convenient options for its use. Instant cryptocurrency is just a stepping stone to our goal, although important,” commented Nathan, Abidan.

More information about ORCA can be found on the official website.