Qtum draws attention to the fact that during this decline cryptocurrency market, Aldon became one of the few who began to show “green numbers”. On 10 June he was in the red, but on 11 June it grew by 2%, 12 June grew by 5%. 13 June altcon kept the enthusiasm to growth, rising 1.7% to 10.8 per dollar. The market has shown quantum of solace, giving a select few grow up in a time when almost all cryptocurrencies went down, and Qtum is one of the lucky ones.

Patrick grant, founder Aldona Qtum, in late may said that “we intend to make another attempt to use Qtum the masses… earlier, because of the risk to face regulation in China, we, with a December 2017, slowed down the pace of our marketing efforts. Then we focused on the technological development, but now we realized that we still need to do more to invest in the promotion of our coins.” In addition, he announced the “big rewards for adherents of Qtum”, but it is not elaborated, saying that he wants to see more ideas and work on the project. Thus, Give recognized: technological breakthroughs Qtum impressive, but few people know about them.

As recalled by Patrick Dai, Qtum became the first running PoS platform with more than seven thousand nodes in more than 56 countries. Approval of Daya, Qtum is one of the most decentralized blockchains with a high degree of safety, and a third blockchain in the world in the number of working nodes.

You can compare the speed of processing transactions (Transactions per second, TPS): if the bitcoin network handles 3-5 transactions per second, Ethereum is 5-20 transaction, Qtum TPS is 70-100. Transactions are processed in parallel (1000 addresses) that corresponds to the model UTXO. At Qtum is stable and secure digital wallets Qtum Core QT and Qtum SPV Electrum. Furthermore, Qtum supports a number of third-party wallets, including Qbao, Beechat, Bither and Hyperpay.

Furthermore, Qtum is going to pull in his net smart-contracts, which work with Ethereum as a network Qtum compatible with the virtual machine ETH. Furthermore, Qtum expect more dApps: at the moment there are more than 50, including such well-known as the Bodhi (the first decentralized application that appears on the platform Qtum) and Ink.

Plans Qtum — run virtual machines for X86 that will support the programming languages C/C++/RUST that will give the ability to write smart contracts on the blockchain Aldona. In addition, there is already an alpha version of the platform QtumX Version, which can increase the number of processed transactions to more than one thousand units. Meanwhile, you can note that the new ICO projects are now beginning to offer processing one million transactions per second, so Qtum have to accelerate or to find other “highlights”.

Qtum was able to show growth over the past four days, but in the longer dynamics of Aldon still in negative territory, although much smaller than the top-5 of cryptocurrency: if they show the past seven days of double-digit percentage decline, Qtum lost only 8.2%.

Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the President of the Russian Federation, especially for Coinspot