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TycoonCoin — advanced project which is carrying out a revolution in lending with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

After in April was followed by a private ICO, July 10, solution provider for mining Tycoon Limited announced the launch of pre-sale with a starting price of token in $0,09. The minimum purchase amount is $100 or the equivalent in the ether, bitcoin, Lytkina, Cash, Bitcoin and XRP.

Interested investors can purchase tokens standard ERC20 at a specified price until 9 August. The company has established softcap $500 000. Hardcap $17 137 333.

Chapter TycoonCoin Dr. Julio peña says:

Watching the cryptocurrency market, we see clearly that many of the ICO lacks effective developing marketing strategies that would be implemented upon completion of phase ICO. As a result, the price of coins are unstable. We have developed Tycoon Coin to distance themselves from other ICO. We have a clear strategy: to invest in marketing and stock change coins. So we hope to provide the best return on investment to the owners of the tokens. This operation should be based on fundamental economic principles of supply and demand.

Distribution strategy of the Fund the following: 80% is spent on activities generating income: mining and cryptocurrency loans. For operating expenses and investments in renewable energy are 10% of the funds. The remaining 10% are allocated for the development of innovative technologies, marketing and trading.

The strategy of spending revenue includes the active circulation of coins in the market. When the price of tokens will rise Tycoon Limited will invest 70% profit in redemption of the token with a public market and withdraw them from circulation (burn).

High demand for the tokens and continuous process of combustion, regulating the supply and competitive trade between a company and looking to buy tokens ensure a stable position of the coin on the stock market.

During the first two years, 5% of the profits will be allocated to marketing, 5% on operating costs and 20% the project will invest in activities that generate income.

Public sale TTC tokens will begin on August 10. Price will be $0.12 each. Early investors will receive a bonus of 33%.

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