The client application Waves is officially out of development. As reported by the journal ForkLog representatives of the company, the full version of Waves Client will provide ordinary users and professional traders stable, multifunctional and convenient service.

Key update touched on a decentralized exchange Waves DEX. Thanks to the data infrastructure, tailored to the requirements of the clients, was improved stability of the exchange. Also added night mode and search of assets, and the ability to attach and detach the tokens on the main page.

According to developers, the update interface along with the current high liquidity (average daily trading volume of more than $7 million), safety, speed and low commissions (less than $0.01 or 0.003 to WAVES in one order) derive decentralized exchange Waves on a qualitatively new level and make a worthy competitor to the centralized kryptomere.

This is the best client for #crypto to date. Install and see for yourself.

— sasha ivanov (@sasha35625) 24 Jul 2018

“Upgrading the platform, we strive to make creating tokens and crypto-currency transactions accessible to everyone. We want to create the fast, safe and easy to use a blockchain-based platform available”, — said the founder and CEO of blockchain platforms Waves Alexander Ivanov.

In the near future is also expected to integrate Waves Client with hardware wallets, and the introduction of two-factor authentication after running in the core network of smart-accounts.

Recall that in early July, the release Waves-client version 0.13.3, which inter alia, users became available, the procedure of burning spam tokens.