Sygnia Ltd, the management company investment of Johannesburg, announced its intention to launch cryptocurrency exchange in the third quarter of this year.

According to the company, crypto currency exchange SygniaCoin “will offer investors a safe trading platform trade, supported by the international infrastructure, well designed storage and integration with standard Deposit products”.

Running a company from South Africa is 181 billion Rand ($14.5 billion), with offices in major cities across the country — Johannesburg, Cape town and Durban. After the cryptocurrency exchange SygniaCoin in Sygnia intend to soon launch an investment Fund that will invest in a number of cryptocurrencies.

In a statement, the company stressed that triggered the exchange will follow the normative rules for cryptocurrency companies registered in the state of new York.

In South Africa, while there is no regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry. However, previously the South African reserve Bank said it prefers to call a digital currency “crypto tokens”, not counting their money.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in South Africa revealed major cryptocurrency pyramid — according to preliminary data, the damage to investors amounted to more than 1 billion Rand (about us $80.4 million).