In Scotland, Castle Craig Hospital, the largest in the UK clinic that deals with rehabilitation of people with drug and alcohol dependence, began to offer the course developed for individuals with painful addiction to trade cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. During stationary finding clients clinics help to understand the reasons underlying this behavior, and get rid of them.

According to experts of the clinic, the fascination with digital currencies continually monitoring fluctuations can be akin to gambling addiction.

“(The fascination with crypto-currencies) brings excitement and helps to escape from reality. For example, an active trading bitcoin led to huge profits and losses. This is a classic situation of a “bubble”, – said Chris Byrne (Chris Burn), a specialist in working with people with a gambling addiction.

Dr. Marini (Marini), who himself went through the addicted to gambling and cocaine, says that the first step towards getting rid of addiction is meeting with such people in the same team where they can share their life stories: this should help them to identify problems and understand that they are not alone.

We will remind, recently a group of capturadora suggested that the bitcoin price began a decline from a historic high of $20 thousand in the period when was launched the bitcoin futures on CME and CBOE. That is, through the futures market by institutional investors and big retail traders manipulated the market.