The former chief strategist at BitTorrent’s Simon Morris is confident that Tron will not be able to cope with the volume of transactions required for tokenization popular Torrent client. He stated this in a conversation with the portal BreakerMag.

Morris noted that during the work on BitTorrent, he and his team found that the integration token and automated auctions to create a priority queue distribution files can increase the speed of the network up to 40%. However, he said that the blockchain Tron is not able to handle the volume of transactions required to implement this plan. In the first stage command, Morris needed to provide the bandwidth measured in the hundreds of transactions per second.

He also suggests that other statements about BitTorrent Tron and its new token BTT unlikely materialsource: “In fact, is a marketing machine, based on a very thin layer of technology”.

“Justin is practicing San trompowsky approach – if you get caught in a lie, lie twice. He is infinitely increasing the scale of his lies, so I thought it is not suitable for this work”, — he added.

Morris left BitTorrent in July last year, presumably due to the fact that he could not work and build a trusting relationship with the leadership of the Tron. According to BreakerMag when Morris asked Sana copied on white paper and code of the project, he said, “We decided that nothing had happened, and moved on.”

Ex-Manager BitTorrent assumes that Tron can use a centralized server to cope with the influx of transactions, presenting it as a decentralized network. He expects that the efficiency of BitTorrent do will increase, but doubts that the decision will be based on the Tron Protocol, and therefore will not have the concomitant benefits of decentralization.

The representative of the press service of Tron in conversation with Cointelegraph said:

“It seems that Morris has no idea about operating plans BitTorrent since his departure. Action and execution will become more compelling argument than the words of an offended ex-employee.” Discuss current news and events on the Forum