According to the senior consultant on the digital assets of the Commission at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) Valerie Sepanik, some types tablconv may be subject to legislation on securities. Reported Decrypt.

According to the classification of Sepanik, one stablon can be tied to real assets like gold or real estate, the other to Fiat currency, and the third is to use various “financial mechanisms that support the stability of prices”. It is the third category, in her opinion, can become the object of attention of the regulator.

“I came across stabilini, the cost of which a price control mechanism associated with the issuance, creation or repayment of other type of digital assets linked to them. Or it can be maintained by control of the ratio of supply and demand with the goal of keeping prices within a certain range,” — said the representative of the SEC.

According to her, if the Central party manages the price volatility stablein, or if the buyer is promised a guaranteed income or the controlled price, the asset can be recognized as a valuable paper.

She noted that the Agency applies equally to all cryptocurrency projects. Also Sepanik have focused on the fact that the company applied to the Agency for consultation prior to release of the token, and not after:

“We’d rather people asked us for permission or advice before they do anything, not at first doing anything, and then came to apologize” to Discuss current news and events on the Forum