In Japan, the 18-year-old hacker stole 15 million yen (about us $134 640) to bitcoin Monacoin, which enjoys high popularity among local captainvalor. The incident occurred last year, and charges the attacker was charged earlier this month.

To kidnap means the hacker has initiated a large number of transactions on the platform Monappy where users Monacoin kept their money. This was done in order to overload the system. In the end, for the period from 14 August to 1 September 2018, the attacker stole assets from 7700 users.

According to JapanToday, the hacker has identified a vulnerability in the platform that occurs when receiving a large number of transactional queries in a short time. On interrogation in police the attacker said that he initiated a series of attacks on Monappy, because for him it was something like “video games”.

Since the hacker was using Tor, the police found it difficult to establish the location and identity of the attacker. However militiamen managed to do this by analyzing the records left on the site server.

Platform operators have promised to refund the stolen funds to investors. They also assured that the funds which were stored in cold wallets, is not affected by the attack.

Recall that after breaking the crypto currency exchange CoinCheck in January of 2018, the financial services Agency of Japan has tightened regulation of the market and expanded the team, which is responsible for checking local platforms. However, due to the fact that attacks on stock exchanges continues, local analysts expect a further strengthening regulation in this area.