The cryptocurrency that changed the modern economy. Began to appear a new currency, a new platform, and of course exchange.
You can buy or sell cryptocurrency in different ways, for example through exchanges, exchange or acquaintances who own digital assets.
What is the specificity of work of the majority of services for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency. In order to use the service, you need user identification. These data to third parties. Correspondence is not protected properly. But there is one interesting service.
Multi-currency p2p platform Crypto.Deals does not require verification and transmission offers an anonymous, safe and quick way of buying and selling cryptocurrency. Here, users directly share in cash. In turn, the service provides the execution of a transaction by the parties.

You can select the following features:
Messages are automatically encrypted on the user side with the help of technology OTR, no one except the parties to the transaction cannot see the correspondence;

— Do not use third party web Analytics software, which can transfer confidential user information to a third party;

— Servers are located in Switzerland is the most reputable and safe jurisdiction that provides reliable data protection;

— Any operation can be made immediately after receiving the personal identifier, including to withdraw funds to your card or Bank account;

Access through TOR;

— Transfer funds between users is done instantly and without a fee;

— Wallet with support for multiple cryptocurrencies. At the moment supported Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Bcash, Dash, in the near future there will be Ethereum. 95% of funds in cold storage. When output is charged only the current network Commission. The Commission for Deposit of funds missing.

The Commission for transactions for buying and selling cryptocurrency is 0.5%. The entire amount paid by the user who created the announcement.

The Command Crypto.Deals gaining traders. As a bonus, offers surgical direct administration via Telegram: @cryptodeals_alex and reduced 50% Commission (0,25%) for transactions. In the presence of reputation, it is possible to use the guarantor service or Deposit.

Go to Crypto.Deals in order to personally appreciate the convenience and benefits of the new site. The entire registration process takes less than a minute. While registration is not required to specify the mail.